Ajlina Bašić

campus organizations chair

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  • Hometown: Chicago, IL

  • Class Year: 2019/ 60625

  • Favorite spot on campus: The Hub or Green Beach


Originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ajlina Bašić is a senior dual majoring in economics and psychology. When not running the 50+ campus organizations, she can be found giving tours to prospective students, organizing her g-cal at the Hub, tanning on Green Beach, or camping on weekends.


The Campus Organizations Chair is the point person for all clubs and organizations at CMC. This position has a lot of autonomy, and the chair can pursue projects at his or her discretion. In 2015, for example, the Chair prioritized increasing club storage facilities. Responsibilities include:

  • Oversee all CMC clubs and organizations

  • Keep records for all

  • Host club fair for CMC

  • Handle discretionary funding requests

  • Hold office hours for the student body

  • Send club inform email to CMC student body

  • Review charter applications for new

  • Allocate funding for CMC and 5C clubs

  • Review budget for clubs

  • Administer the cmcclubs@cmc.edu email address


The Campus Organizations team is in the process of crafting handbooks for all the campus organizations roles - advisers, liaisons, club leaders. In addition to this, a workshop series for campus organization is going to be organized, where students will discuss topics ranging from leadership transitions to collaborating with the CMC institutes, offices, and other clubs.