Our Mission

Catalyze political discourse around the world while providing mature, intellectual, and unbiased substance to challenge or support our readers’ beliefs and help our peers who do not identify themselves with either extreme of the political spectrum to understand some of the biggest social and economic issues that exist in our world today.

Here at the Radius, we challenge our staff to write about issues with which they may not personally agree in order to foster a community of mature intellectuals who can see all sides to every issue. Each of our articles consist of an introduction and a bilateral debate with rebuttals, so our writing process is heavily based on strategic cooperation and teamwork.

In our first year ever, we have accomplished some incredible goals:

  • We published ten articles with topics ranging from immigration policy and accommodating marginalized students to assessing the policies of 2016 U.S. presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

  • Our website attracted thousands of viewers from six different continents

  • Our Co-Editors-in-Chief attended a 5C political debate to represent Claremont Radius

  • We grew our staff from just two people to fifteen in a matter of months


Editor-in-Chief: David Brown, dbrown19@cmc.edu

Managing Editor: Aaryaman Sheoran, asheoran20@cmc.edu

Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/claremontradius/