Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College

Incorporated 1976

Club Liaisons

Campus Organization Liaisons are responsible for specific clubs and helping ensure the success of the club as well as its accessibility and inclusion of students on campus. This position is year-long and changes at the turn of the academic year. Club liaisons dive in a deeper level to assist clubs on a more intimate and personalize level along with focusing on building a stronger bridge between club leaders and ASCMC.


Campus Organizations Chair - Ajlina Bašić


Service and Athletic Club Liaison

Julia Hwang

From the scenic Carmel, California, Julia Hwang is a sophomore dual majoring in Government and Art History. When she is not helping with clubs, you can find her working in the Gould Center, tanning at the Scripps pool, or going for a late night boba run.  

This year she wants to help each club under my domain create a solid mission and successfully fulfill it throughout the year. 



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Academic Club Liaison: Avnika Gupta

Avnika moved to California from Switzerland. She was raised in Thailand and Singapore, and is Singaporean. She has lived in five countries prior to moving to USA. She is an Economics and Psychology Double Major with a Computer Science Sequence. She was heavily involved with numerous activities in her Swiss high school (which is located in the heart of the Swiss Alps) such as volunteering at the local refugee center in my village, founding her school's debate team and leading weekend alpine expeditions. She is the South-Quad EcoRep and a member of the Campus Improvements Committee in Senate. She work at The Alumni Office as a Student Outreach Officer. She is also involved with the Claremont Captures Photography Club. As club Liaison she hopes to make the academic clubs more inclusive so more incoming freshmen are able to explore the areas of interest they are fascinated by and want further experience in, instead of being turned away, unable to access that knowledge.

Music and Arts Club Liaison

Sydney Ross

Sydney comes from Long Beach, California and her favorite spot on campus is the Ath at 3:30! She is majoring in Biology and hopes to become a veterinarian.

Her goal for her position is to help create an inclusive environment and help students develop their clubs. She hope to get more involved and learn more about the CMC community



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Special Interest and publications Club Liaison

Gauri Taneja

Gauri is an Economics-Literature dual major from New Delhi, India and is a member of The Forum and Claremont Women in Business. She also loves eating good food and dancing and hopes to get lots of people involved in Claremont Tamasha's annual production Sanskriti! 


Identity-based Club Liaison

Christine Chan

Growing up amongst the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, Christine's first time in California was International move-in day in August 2017. Other than being an Identity-Based Club Liaison, she is involved with SAGA and Fitness and Friends, and is also a proud FYG (and Mom) of Ronald McDonald 1! Christine dual majors in Sociology and International Relations, and you can find her laying out on Parents Field or walking around campus with a big smile on her face. This year she aspires to listen and to assist the Identity-Based clubs on campus to best achieve their goals, and advocate for the multitude of identities that exist on our campus. As an Asian international woman of color who identifies as bisexual, she wants to witness a growth in the celebration of all cultures.