Bryan carlen

Executive vice President

  • Hometown: Los Gatos, CA

  • Class Year: 2020

  • Major: PPE with a Sequence in Gender & Sexuality Studies

  • Favorite dining hall item: Fried eggs + avocado toast at Frary (with Cholula hot sauce)

  • CMC “hack”: Drop-In classes at Roberts are a #free and #fun way to try new workouts!! Join me on Mondays & Wednesdays at 7am for the crossfit drop-in!



Bryan Carlen is from Los Gatos (another Bay Area #basic), but at CMC has come to call Beckett Dorm his home. On campus, he's also involved with SOURCE and the Admissions Office, and for fun he loves hiking, co-curating a fitness instagram (@fit.flurty), and aimlessly wandering around campus. He also hates Collins but constantly finds himself there, with no idea how it happens. He also also recently rewatched Glee and realized just how much he loves Santana and hates Mr. Schuester. Bryan also enjoys using the word also a lot, also. Also, he can't wait to see you all at Senate!


As Executive Vice President, Bryan's responsibilities include overseeing Senate, including the Senate budget and Senate Chairs, as well as assisting the President in any initiatives and projects they see fit. The EVP also helps with general Executive Board administration, and sits on both the Budget and Election Committee.


Bryan can't wait to reinvigorate Senate through a speaker series and improved resolution process.