Patrick ElliotT

Executive Vice President


  • Hometown: Chicago, IL
  • Class Year: 2019
  • Favorite spot on campus: CARE Center
  • CMC "Hack": In the beginning of each semester, find out (down to the second) how long it takes to get to each class from your dorm room. Then find songs that have similar run times. Not only will you probably find some new music, but you also figure out how long you can sleep in, and still make it to class on time.


The Executive Vice President is one of the most influential members of the ASCMC Executive Board, serving as the second in command after the President. The Executive Vice President responsibilities include, but are not limited, to the following :

  • President of Senate and Senate Cabinet 
  • Appointing and communicating with Committee Chairs
  • Acting as President when the President is unavailable
  • Acting as liaison between ASCMC and CMC administration
  • Serving on a myriad of ASCMC and College committees:
    • ASCMC Election committee
    • ASCMC Budget committee
    • College Judiciary Board Selection Committee
    • Student Affairs Trustee Committee
    • College Advancement Committee 
    • Athenaeum Advisory Committee
  • Overseeing elections during Senate for:
    • Pro Temp
    • Student representatives on Budget and Elections Committees
  • Keeping a pulse on student opinion and interest
  • Initiating campus-wide projects to improve student life
  • Appointing students to Trustee, Faculty, and Student Committees


A few of the initiatives Patrick is working on include creating a Nontraditional Major Alumni Outreach Program, getting televisions installed in the S. Quad lounges, and extending Honnold Mudd Library hours.