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Sharon Basso

Sharon Basso is the Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students. She serves as the link to "central services" such as Campus Safety, Monsour Counseling, and Student Health Services. She is a primary resource for juniors, seniors, and graduate students at CMC.

Contact: (909) 621-8114, sharon.basso@cmc.edu

Kristin Weyman

Kristin Weyman is the Associate Dean of Students, primarily for First and Second Year Students. She is the head of orientation for freshman and aids them transition to college. She also is in charge of the First Year Guide program.

Contact: (909) 621-8114, kristin.weyman@cmc.edu

Devon MacIver

Devon MacIver is an Assistant Dean of Students and serves as the Director of the Student Affairs. MacIver is primarily responsible for WOA trips, the student events calendar, and also serves as an ASCMC advisor.

Contact: (909) 621-8114, devon.maciver@cmc.edu


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