Cindy LAy

First Year Class President


  • Hometown: Currently living in Seoul, South Korea

  • Class Year: 2022

  • Favorite spot on campus: I love Collins!


Hello! My name is Cindy Lay and I live in Seoul. Since my parents are in the Foreign Service I lived in Thailand, Indonesia, DC, and Seoul. But the best place I’ve lived is Appleby 104 so swing by and meet my awesome roommate Jess Brown when you get the chance! I graduated from St. Andrew’s School in Middletown, Delaware and at CMC I’m looking to major in Economics and Computer Science at Mudd.


The role of the First Year Class President is largely shaped by the individual holding the position.  It is common for the First Year Class President to appoint a cabinet made up of fellow freshmen. Any questions that the administration has about the class will come to the First-Year Class President first. Main responsibilities include: 

  • Managing class communications

  • Planning and coordinating class events

  • Managing the class budget (of $3000).

  • Serving as the liaison between the administration and the freshman class

  • Serving on the Executive Board 


This year Cindy will focus on creating a warming and inviting first year experience through fun events.