Hallyu Club

Mission Statement

The Hallyu Club is an inclusive community for people who already love or who are interested in the Hallyu wave. Our events focus mainly on K-Pop, Korean dance, Korean dramas, Korean movies, Korean books, Korean variety show, other media, and Korean culture in general!


Our goal is to raise awareness of Korean popular culture through means including but not limited to music, television, movies, fashion, gastronomy, and other media productions.

What we do

If you are thinking about joining our club, here are some events we do!

·       K-Pop Dance Parties

·       K-drama/movie/variety show night

·       K-pop dance cover classes (working with Pomona’s K-Pop Dance crew)

·       Trips to Korea Town in Los Angeles

·       Producing videos for our K-Pop YouTube Channel (reaction videos, reviews, skits)

·       Hallyu talent contest (dance covers, singing, drama reenactment)

·       Karaoke night

·       Korean language classes (working with 5C Korean Students’ Association)

·       Cooking night (cooking Korean food)


Executive Board

Annette Wong – Founder and President (awong20@cmc.edu)

Sydney Baffour – Vice President (sbaffour20@cmc.edu)

Ka Ki Fung – Head Treasurer (kfung20@cmc.edu)

please contact awong20@cmc.edu for additional information