Music Collaborative

Music Collaborative makes learning to play and experience music more accessible by providing casual music lessons instructed by students, for students. Music is an important part of life that busy students often overlook. Some feel overwhelmed by the amount of time it takes to obtain the resources to learn a new instrument. Some need the extra encouragement to continue practicing. Some are unaware that learning an instrument is something that they can do. The club provides students with instruments and instruction so that all they must do is be willing to learn.


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  •  Provide beginner students with free instruments and instruction
  •  Provide proficient musicians the opportunity to practice via teaching
  •  Allow busy students to learn an instrument without making an overwhelming time commitment
  •  Create a relaxing and informal setting to experience music.

Why You Should Join

  •  Playing music can be a therapeutic experience that has been proven to help people destress
  •  Learning to play an instrument can be a great avenue to express yourself, especially in a new college environment
  •  Music brings students together because the process of learning a completely new skill with others can be a powerful bonding experience

Requirements for Membership

  • No requirements for those that intend to learn an instrument
  • Teachers will need to interview with co-presidents to discuss their role as a teacher before being allowed to sign up to teach. 


Co-President: Jacob Cohen
Co-President: Ben Wolters

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