ASCMC Social Responsibility Resolution

Claremont McKenna College

Resolution on Social Responsibility


We, the students of Claremont McKenna College, are deeply concerned by the following problems, and strive to address them by building a more inclusive and responsible campus community. We seek to reaffirm the values that have historically guided--and which should always guide--our culture and community.


We are concerned by:


  1. The changing social scene at Claremont McKenna, which risks becoming less inclusive, open, and safe due to changes in the campus culture and administration policies;
  2. The problem that sexual assault and sexual misconduct pose to our campus environment, the safety and well-being of CMC students, and our place as a community where all students can feel comfortable and at home;
  3. The perception of CMC party culture as a setting where students feel obligated to drink, especially in excess; and
  4. Lack of accountability and responsibility for one’s own actions, including taking care of the property and environment around us.


Understanding that our failure to address these problems will inevitably lead to higher rates of unsafe behavior and sexual assault, prompt the College administration to act unilaterally, and risk us losing the CMC culture that we value so highly, we as a community pledge to address these challenges ourselves. We pledge to:


  1. Recognize that a strong community is built on individuals taking ownership for their own actions and by holding each other accountable for the values which guide our community;
  2. Respect others’ bodies, agency, and identities at all times;
  3. Never assault or harass any other person--sexually, physically, verbally, or otherwise;
  4. Use alcohol and other drugs responsibly when we choose to use them;
  5. Be conscious and respectful of others’ decisions, including the choice not to drink alcohol or use other drugs;
  6. Take care of the environment around us, including the property of other students and Claremont McKenna College; and
  7. Build an inclusive community--in which all members of the community feel welcome and at home--through our words and actions.



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