Real Estate CLub

Real Estate Club's aim is to unite students on campus who have a passion for real estate and would like to learn more about the industry. We want to provided a platform for students to take their education at Claremont McKenna and put it in a practical sense that can be beneficial to their future career. We believe that the real estate market is a already large and growing sector of finance that we want to be ready to work in. We will use meetings to gain a further understanding of what this industry is and what skills our members need to harness in order to succeed in this industry. 



 Requirements for Membership

All students who are members of our organization are required to maintain a minimum 6.00 cumulative gpa as well as be enrolled in 3 classes. They must also complete the app, which has to be read by all active presidents in the organization. After their app has been reviewed they will have to go through an interview process in which they meet with the active presidents, explaining their purpose as to why they want to join the club.


President: Louis Stervinou
President: Henry Frome

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