Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College

Incorporated 1976

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The ASCMC Senate meets every Monday at 9 PM. The Senate is the legislative body of ASCMC.  To view the Senate committee assignments from 2016x-17, click here.

The ASCMC Executive Vice President appoints students to Faculty, College, and Trustee committees to represent the student body at large.  To see who your representatives are, click here

Feel free to contact the Executive Vice President, Patrick Elliott at if you have any questions! 

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EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT | Patrick Jamal Elliott '19

Patrick is a junior from Chicago dual majoring in Government & Philosophy with a sequence in Public Policy. He is the senior most member of ASCMC’s Executive Board, and served as the inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Chair during his first year at CMC. His passion for increasing providing a voice to the underrepresented pushed him to run for EVP. Outside of ASCMC, Patrick has a lot of interests on campus. He is a Researcher for President Chodosh, a member of KLI's Social Innovation Team, the Student Lead at the CARE Center, a Writing Consultant, Career Consultant, and Tour Guide.  During his term, Patrick hopes to use his institutional knowledge to hold ASCMC accountable to the student body. If you have any questions, he can be reached at



Thomas Schalke is a senior at Claremont McKenna College majoring in Philosophy, Politics, Economics and International Relations. Born in Ecuador to Dutch parents, he has lived in Mozambique his entire life. In addition to serving as the President Pro-Tempore (read: Chief Ethical Officer) of ASCMC, Thomas is the Secretary General of McKennaMUN, the annual high school Model United Nations Conference. This year Thomas will be focusing on reforming the structure of ASCMC and strengthening the institutional framework. He can be reached at

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SENATE SECRATARY |                   Michael Hess '21

Michael Hess is a first-year student from Bloomington, Indiana majoring in Neuroscience with a sequence in Computer Science. His main focus as secretary is to provide ASCMC and the senate with comprehensive and helpful minutes. Outside of his senate role, he works in the Office of Annual Giving as a caller for phonenite and he plays lacrosse for the men's club team. In his free time, he is usually playing piano, reading, or drinking coffee. If there are ever any questions or corrections for the minutes, he can be reached by email at

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Connor is a junior at Claremont McKenna College majoring in Science Management with a concentration in Biotechnology. Originally from Whitefish, MT, and after a stint in a boarding school on the East Coast, he travelled to California in search of warmer weather. On campus Connor is a tour guide for the Office of Admission, a Co-Lead of Impact, an OTL leader, a member of the Arts Council, and dabbles in triathlons and rock climbing in his free time. As chair of the Administrative Affairs and Appropriations Committee, Connor hopes to fund as many events as possible this year, with an eye towards those that benefit the entire campus community in some way, whether that value be cultural, entertainment, or otherwise. Any inquiries about funding can be directed to the ASCMC funding page or to for further questions.



Biniyam is a Sophomore born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and raised in Los Angeles. On campus he leads trips to the outdoors through OTL. A few places he’s visited are Joshua Tree, Mt. Whitney, and the Sespe River Creek Trail – where he co-led a 5 day backpacking trip for 12 students.He also likes to work on projects that improve student life; such as the efforts he recently led to increase the number  of Snapchat Geofilters on campus and create the Major Events Calendar. He’s currently building a website that allows college students to buy and sell textbooks to their peers. In Biniyam’s free time he loves to play Settlers of Catan, Spikeball, and Inner Tube Water Polo. You can usually find him bumping music in his Beckett dorm or long boarding to Frary – his favorite dining hall on campus.  


CONSORTIUM AFFAIRS         COMMITTEE | Elijah Jackson '19

Elijah Jackson is a junior at Claremont McKenna College from Brooklyn, New York.  He is a dual major in Economics and Government, and a member of the CMS Football team.  As the Consortium Affairs Committee Chair, he looks forward to revitalizing the committee's presence in the senate.  He seeks to increase CMC student involvement in 5C clubs and events, as well as fostering more discussions between the 5C governments regarding how CMC can be better contributors to our consortium's students overall.  Connect with him at


 ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS |          Sam Becker '19

Sam is a sophomore from Talent, Oregon dual majoring in EEP and Philosophy. He’s passionate environmental sustainability because he wants to provide future generations with an earth that has the economic viability and natural beauty that characterizes it today. He believes that to mitigate climate change, decrease reliance on dirty energy, and increase competition in the green energy market, it is necessary to organize around carbon pricing legislation. 

He and the EAC are working on a variety of initiatives this year, some of which include establishing a Sustainability Fund, transitioning away from pesticides and toxic cleaning supplies, reducing food and water waste at Collins and the Ath, improving our new Green Orientation Program, and increasing the supply of sustainable products at Collins and the Hub.

Sam is also a fellow with the Put A Price On it Campaign, intern with Strategic Energy Innovations, member of Model United Nations, president of CCL Claremont Colleges, and co-leader of Food Recovery Network. In his free time, Sam likes walking around to find fresh fruit, brewing kombucha, brewing beer, growing plants, dehydrating fruit, working out, discussing current events, drawing, and spending time with friends. Connect with him at and

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Ryan is a Junior Mathematics and Economics major with a sequence in Computer Science. He is from the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Outside of Senate, he works as a Junior Manager for the Lowe Institute of Political Economy and serves as a math grader and tutor. During the previous summer, he spent his time working in data science for Uber. In Ryan's free time, besides hanging out with friends, he likes to teach others and learn math. For TISA this year, Ryan hopes to revamp the ASCMC website.


STUDENT ENGAGEMENT |            Elliot Behling '19

Elliot is a junior at CMC pursuing a dual major in Economics and Philosophy with a CS sequence. Outside of ASCMC, he has experience with environmental political organizing, tech startups, social entrepreneurship, and more. He’s passionate about bringing people, organizations, and fields together to solve problems too complex to be solved in isolation, such as rethinking the global food system, or involving youth in politics, or turning technology into a tool for crowdsourced global change. This year Elliot and the Student Engagement team want to bring ASCMC closer to its students by engaging in real discussion about what students want and need, and working on marketing on campus opportunities more accurately to students passionate about them. His team is working directly with the Dean of Students, the Title IX office, the Soll Center, every other Senate committee particularly Campus Improvements and Technology and Entrepreneurship to help them all serve students better and improve student life. But most of all,  he just wants to find ways to bring our campus community closer together.




Kyleigh is a senior from Honolulu, Hawaii dual majoring in Government and Economics. This year Kyleigh wants to work with her Alumni Relations committee to bridge the gap between alumni and students who want to be more involved with the alumni community but don't know how. Outside of Senate, she runs for the CMS cross country and track teams.