Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College

Incorporated 1976

Max Dawson

chief financial officer

  • Hometown: San Diego, CA

  • Class Year: 2021

  • Major: BA in Economics, MA in Finance, BA in Applied Math

  • Favorite dining hall item: Collins performance bowls

  • CMC “hack”: Buying a skateboard or a scooter is absolutely worth it – you'd be surprised how much time it saves!



Max Dawson is a junior serving his second year as ASCMC's CFO. He is pursuing bachelor's degrees in economics and applied math, with a master's degree in finance. Apart from ASCMC, Max is a VP in the Student Investment Fund and an accounting tutor, and has been a first-year guide and a research assistant at the Lowe Institute. When he is not working or studying, chances are you will catch him in the Hub or Roberts.


As CFO, Max manage all the financial obligations of ASCMC, including processing reimbursements and leading the construction of the annual budget. Since the start of his tenure, Max has overseen the transition of our reimbursement and budgeting systems to Workday, and has implemented numerous transparency, accountability, and communication initiatives to help make finances as small of a barrier as possible for students. As with other positions, Max is responsible for knowing his work in detail, and he is typically the source of information for past expenditures, financial policies, and sometimes tax law. As such, Max works with most other officers on ASCMC to ensure their projects are being funded effectively and appropriately.


This year, Max hopes to continue to build out ASCMC’s financial policy, helping students better understand how to do everything from simple tasks like submitting a reimbursement to complex ones like receiving a club budget allocation. He also hope to continue working with the Dean of Students to better integrate that office's resources into ASCMC's capabilities. The feedback he has heard from students is that ASCMC’s finance is often challenging to navigate and fraught with unclear instructions, and he plan to spend the majority of my time this year resolving that and setting future ASCMC boards up for success by backing them with a sound financial structure.