Claremont Turophile Society 

The organization’s main goal is to promote learning and cohesion. We will make sure to have a wide variety of cheeses from different countries with various tastes and aesthetics. We will make sure to pair these cheeses with various bread types to make sure CMC students can have the full tasting experience. We aim to promote cultural awareness that a classroom cannot provide and so in a friendly and open environment where the history of the cheeses can be passed along. This cultural club will aim to educate students on the wide variety of cheeses available and expand the realm of culture through their pallets. We aim to expand their knowledge of food through cheese and bread in an environment that will foster friendships and collaboration from students from different years and majors. We will measure our success in the number of attendees at our meetings which we expect to be numerous. We will also measure our success by the amount of recommendations and comments about the cheese selection to make sure to tailor to everyone’s likes. If there is no cheese left by the end of the event - we will consider it a very successful experience for CMC students.

Requirements for Membership:

The student should have a deep appreciation and love for either wine or cheese, but preferably both.


Co-PresidentTanvi Gandham

Co-PresidentDevin Cavero

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