ASCMC will work as fast as possible to reimburse you for your expenditures.  

Reimbursement Form

We're using a new reimbursement system this year (and discontinuing Service). You will need to fill out the appropriate form(s) attached (reimbursement, direct check, mileage (not attached), and/or W-9), depending on your situation. All rules are provided on the second sheet of the reimbursement form. Regardless of which form you need to fill out, please read this sheet on the excel to make sure you are filling out your form accurately. I've provided a description of each form and when you would use it below:

1) Reimbursement form - Used whenever you have bought a product for a club, dorm etc. and would like ASCMC to reimburse you. The reimbursement must be sent to Aviv Caspi at and the fund officer. For dorms, this is Elaine Sohng at For clubs, this is Anna Zimmerman at A full list is provided for you on our website at under "Executive Board."

2) Direct check form -  Used when the amount is over $1000 or is too great of a cost for you to front the money individually. Keep in mind the timeline is the same for direct checks as it is for reimbursements, and that you will need to allow for at least 2 weeks before expecting to receive this check. We will then ask you to pick up this check during the CO or CFO's office hours (7-9pm on Tuesdays at the Hub) to then get a stamp and send it directly yourself.

3) W-9 Form - Used in addition to a direct check form or reimbursement form when a service is being performed. Once you have filled out a W-9 for a particular person or company, you won't have to fill it out again for the year. We cannot reimburse anyone for a service until receiving this form.

4) Mileage form - Used to reimburse for mileage, not gas. Gas cannot be reimbursed as it is not tax-deductible by the IRS. Mileage only applies when it is your car and does not include a borrowed car from DOS. We are in essence reimbursing you for the liability you took on and the wear/tear on your car. This amount will add up to more than the amount you spend in gas, and you may request less than the fullreimbursement to not take away too much from your club/dorm's budget. Please contact me directly if you need this form.

You must send in both the reimbursement form or direct check form in 1 single PDF file. The first page should be the form and the second page should be the receipt/invoice. The file should be named "club/dorm name YYYY-MM-DD"

Again, please read all the rules on the second sheet of the reimbursement form to make sure your form will not be returned to you to correct. Forms that need corrections will likely take longer to process.