Asian American and Pacific Islander Student RESOURCES

 APAM-Asian Pacific American Mentoring Program: The Asian Pacific American Mentoring Program (APAM) is a CMC organization that mentors first-year and transfer students who self-identify as Asian, Pacific Islander, Asian American, multi-ethnic, and/or multiracial (AAPI). Through continual mentorship, workshops, and community events, they hope to build a strong community and foster important conversations. More info

Asian American Advisory Board: Asian American Advisory Board  is a 5C organization that offers different programming and provides complementary support to other different Asian American based clubs and organizations. They host events like trips into Los Angeles and 5C API Grad. More info

Desi Club: Desi Club is a 5C club aimed at helping first year South Asian students- both international and domestic adjust to the environment of the 5Cs. It also provides a community for South Asian students to bond through cultural events and meetings. More info

Vietnamese Students Association: Vietnamese Students Association is a student organization's purpose is to serve as a support network and reference for Vietnamese students and their allies. They aim to increase increase awareness and understanding of Vietnemese culture through workshops, cultural events, social events, and more. More info

Chinese Students Association (CSA): Chinese Students Association hopes to provide Chinese students with academic guidance, career counseling, culture/mixer events, and monthly field trips. They aspire to create a platform for Chinese speaking students and their allies to bond, communicate, and discuss prevalent issues. More info

Hindu Society:  Hindu Society is a 5C organization that seeks to support students of the Hindu faith and create a forum to discuss the faith and teachings and also celebrate holidays throughout the year. This is part of the McAllister Center for Religious Activities, Hindu society stands in solidarity with all other religious groups on campus and helps support interfaith activities. More info

Japanese Students Organization:  Japenese Student Organization is a 5C organization meant to serve as a gathering place for Japanese students and students who want to learn more about Japanese culture. The Club hosts its own events and collaborates with other organizations and the Oldenborg Center to provide its members with ample opportunities to experience Japanese art, food, and traditions. More info

Kasama Filipinix/American Students Association: Kasama Filipinx/ American Students Association’s purpose is to foster awareness and recognition of Filipinx identity within and around the Claremont Colleges through cultural, social, and outreach events. More info

Korean  Student Association: Korean Students Association is a 5C club that aims to spread Korean culture through various events and activities. It is open to Koreans, Korean Americans, and any allies interested in learning more about Korea! More info

Singaporian Society at Claremont: The Singaporian Students Association is a 5C organization that aims to provide a platform for Singaporean students which aims to provide a platform for Singaporian students and their allies and friends through social events, de-stressors, and other activities. The SSA also works with the International Place at the Claremont Colleges (I-Place) to provide support and mentorship opportunities for incoming Singaporeans. More info

South Asian Mentorship Program: The South Asian Mentorship Program is a 5C organization that is designed to unite South Asian populations at the Claremont Colleges. This Program is designed to facilitate mentorship between upper class South Asian students and first years. More info

South Asian Students Association (SASA): South Asian Student Association is a 5C organization for South Asian identifying students. They strive to create a space for all South Asian identities. They do programming such as social events and political workshops for their members, in addition, they do advocacy surrounding issues faced by South Asian communities domestically and internationally.  They strive to be a community that is inclusive of all South Asian students and want to ensure that both domestic and international students’ voices are heard and valued within the space. More info

Taiwanese American Students Association (TASA): The Taiwanese American Students Association is a 5C organization that aims to increase awareness, recognition, and acceptance in the presence of Taiwanese culture through social,cultural, and service events. This organization is open to Taiwanese students and students interested in learning more about Taiwanese culture. More info

Thai Students Association of The Claremont Colleges: Thai Students Association is a 5C organization that  aims to provide an inclusive platform for Thai students both domestic and international as well as allies. They hope to strengthen their small and growing community through celebration, support, social gatherings, and de-stressers. More info