general student support resources

 Diversity Recruitment Programs: The Soll Center offers a list of different programs meant to help students of marginalized communities gain experience in various career fields. They continue to add programs as they find them so this is a great resource for students of marginalized identities to look for new career opportunities and conferences where companies are recruiting for diverse talent. 

Kravis Opportunity Fund: The Kravis Opportunity fund provides students for funding for a lot of their needs that are not covered in traditional scholarships or financial aid while on campus including counseling, emergency travel, health insurance, and general start-off-college grants.

CMC Listens: This is an anonymous form that allows students to submit grievance report against members of administration,faculty, and staff if you feel that a negative interaction has taken place. There will be actions taken based on your form and you will be able to follow up via an online portal.

Academic Success Consultants: If you are struggling academically the academic success consultants are a great resource to help you. You can talk with them about time management and organization, overcoming test anxiety and procrastination, efficient studying tips and reading, and exam preparation. They can also help you with other things such as scheduling your time appropriately and efficiently. 

The CARE Center: The initiative of The Care Center is to proactively engage and educate the community to develop the skills needed to have difficult conversations about different societal barriers or ideological differences in order to promote solutions and resolutions.It is also a space for students on campus to study, relax, hangout, or access different resources.

Chaplin Services:  For those who are religious, want to explore religious avenues, or are looking for a sense of community the Chaplin services is a resource for this. Chaplins are available for one on one meetings, but you can also attend group events or drop-in hours with Chaplins.