international student RESOURCES

 International Place (I-Place): Is the international student office of The Claremont Colleges, serving all seven of The Colleges as a center for cultural exchange and international educational programming, as well as a resource center for international students and scholars. I-Place offers a lot of resources, community activities, and events for students.

  • Community Events such as: I-gala, Café I-Place,International Festival, and more 

  • Information on how to apply for a student visa 

  • New International Student and Scholar Orientation (NISSO)

  • International Student and Parent Orientation

  • International Student Mentors, ours is Chrystal Orozco (F visas)

    • (909) 607-457


  • Information on how to apply for a social security number and additional resources to assist with that

  • Information about living in Claremont including banking, healthcare, off-campus housing, and more. 

  • An English Conversation Partner Program to help international students who are interested in practicing their English skills with local community members

Community Friends of International Students Short Term Loan (CFIS): Supports a short-term emergency loan program, which aims to assist students in making urgent, or timely, payments. More info

I-Connect: I-Connect is a student-run international organization that fosters a supportive and inclusive community for international students and affiliates at Claremont McKenna College. This includes, but is not limited to, those who are not from the US and/or have lived abroad. I-Connect provides a space and support network where members can discuss the different struggles international students and identities may face. In addition, I-Connect hosts regular meetings, plans cultural activities, provides educational support, and leads career building events for their members and attendees. I-Connect works closely with I-Place and the international student office of the Claremont Colleges, to support CMC’s international identities with unique resources and administrative support. More info