First Generation and Low-Income student Resources

Remember, if you are ever struggling financially or academically the best place to reach out to is the Dean of Students Office! If you are nervous about reaching out, you can always speak with the students on the Diversity and Inclusion committee who will assist you with contacting the right Dean.

Quest-bridge Scholars Network: The Questbridge Scholars Network is an organization that supports students who come from traditionally low-income backgrounds, not exclusive to students affiliated with Questbridge.. The goal of the space is to create a supportive community for low-income students and help them transition to college by providing resources, assistance, and mentorship. In addition, they hope to give back to local underserved communities and to support Questbridge in their effort to bridge higher-education with students from underprivileged backgrounds. More info

1 Gen: The purpose of this organization is to provide professional and academic support to first-gen students during their time at Claremont. 1Gen  aims to help first-gen students prosper through a variety of ways including a mentorship program, academic and career events, and community building activities. More info

Additional Resources:

  • Kravis Kick Off Grant: The Kravis Kick-Off Grant is a grant awarded to low-income first generation students to help them get adjusted to school within their first year. This grant is two installments of $1,000 dollars per semester. Typically if you qualify, you will receive a message from DOS, but it is possible to be overlooked. Reach out to DOS to inquire whether or not you qualify for the kick off grant. 

  • Alternative Spring and Fall Break: Alternative Fall and Spring Break are trips planned by affinity groups on campus to provide alternative trips to those who are stuck on campus during these breaks, which is most commonly FLI students. These trips are on a first come first serve basis so make sure to be on the lookout for these sign ups via affinity group emails.  

  • QuestbridgeX1Gen mentorship Program: These two affinity groups run a joint mentorship program to benefit first-year students. Mentors can do activities with their mentees ranging from going off-campus to do an activity to getting together on campus to discuss and hang out. It truly depends on the mentor group. These groups are a great resource for advice and guidance as well as community building. 

  • Care Center Book Loan Program: The Care Center runs a Book Loan Program that provides old books to students through a check-out process. This is based on the books that have been donated and are available to be checked out. Make sure to look out for an email from the CARE Center a week or two prior to each semester and reserve the books you need as soon as possible in order to save money. This website has a lot of ebooks available for free download. 

  • Scholarship Database: This database is one of the most comprehensive and provides scholarships for undergraduate students. You can narrow the search to fit a specific major or identity that you have.