lgbtq+ Student RESOURCES

 The Queer Resource Center (QRC): The Queer Resource Center is a 5C resource meant to help students who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community accross the campuses. It is also a space where LGBTQ+ students can come to connect with other students, hang out, or study! They host Queer Allyship training for students who want to be educated about the role of allyship. The QRC offers also offers swipe access to their center which students can use after hours. 

They also offer:

    • Queer Allyship Training

    • Counseling for queer students

    • Lavender Graduation 

    • 2,000 LGBTQIA-related books and movies, which can be checked out for free and used as textbooks for classes or research material for papers

    • QQAMP- The Queer Questioning Allied Mentorship Program 

    • HIV Testing- First Tuesday of every month in QRC/Free during hours of operation at HEO

    • LGBTQ+ Glossary: Includes information about inclusive language and 

    • Community Resources: They offer a different set of specified resources for different things such as resources for specific identities within the spectrum, for students of color, spirituality resources, sexual health resources, study abroad resources, career resources, and more. 

    • Community events 

    • Drop in hours: During Drop-In Hours you can speak with the director or the assistant director and they can provide guidance and counseling regarding coming out, issues with sexual orientation or gender identity, guidance on LGBTQ related research, and navigating queer life at The Claremont Colleges. The director is a confidential source but the assistant director is a mandatory reporter. 

For swipe access email:

Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA): SAGA is a CMC club that works  to build a visible community of LGBTQ+ students and their allies and to educate and advocate on issues of sexuality and gender. They have regular meetings in addition to other events during the year! More info

Ace Space: Ace Space is a  7C organization whose goal is to create a space for those identifying on the asexual (ace) and aromantic (aro) spectrum within the Claremont Colleges through closed evvent for members, events aimed at educating the community, and by creating and providing educational materials to faculty/students/and staff. More info

Claremont Safe Space: Safe Space is a 5C organization which is meant to serve as a safe space for questioning and LGBTQ+ students where they can voice their concerns about the 5Cs and other communities they are a part of. The purpose is to foster a safe space that promots learning about current and past queer issues and to build a community where queer students can curate friendships and connections. More info

LGBTQ+ Echo: The LGBTQ+ Echo is a 5C organization that aims to educate its members and others about the unique challenges LGBTQ+ patients face in medical care and engage with local hospitals to enact change for LGBTQ+ patients  Their goal is to make an impact on the health of LGBT+ patients and their families. More info

Additional Resources: 

  • SHIP,  student health insurance,  covers gender reassignment benefits of up to $100,000 per policy year. 

  • Community Resource Guide was developed by UCR and provides a list of LGBTQ+ resources in the Inland Empire area including centers, health care resources, and others! 

  • The Center for Transyouth Health and Development (LA): Promotes healthy futures for transyouth by providing services, research, training and capacity building that is developmentally informed, affirmative, compassionate and holistic for gender non-conforming children and transyouth.

  • The San Bernardino LGBTQ+ Center: They provide addiction treatment & recovery, HIV-related care and prevention, community development through educational, career, and entrepreneurship coaching, leadership development, as well as providing cultural competency training to local providers, businesses, and the community.  

  • PFLAG: This is a non-profit organization based in California meant provide support for families, allies, and people who are LGBTQ+ through educating and advocating for change. They have a list of healthcare, businesses, wedding arrangers, and churches that are all LGBTQ+ friendly in the local area. Check it out here!

  • It Gets Better Project: The It Gets Better Project has a mission to uplift, empower, and connect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) youth around the globe through storytelling and building community. It is based in Los Angeles, however, the stories come from all over the world share your story or here someone else's here

  • If you are struggling and need someone to talk to immediately, here are some hotlines that you can call to be connected to someone equipped to talk about LGBT issues with you:

    • Trevor Project: 1-866-488-7386     

    • Trans Hotline: 1-877-565-8860