Diversity and Inclusion Fund


The budget is used for partnership support and programming such as hosting events, bringing speakers on campus, and off campus events.

Requirements / Eligibility: Typically clubs or students come to us if they have an event idea that fosters empowerment for marginalized students or educates or promotes some form of tradition, culture, or new perspective on campus. Clubs can also apply for this funding if their club has been viewed as a positive influence on CMC's campus.

Amounts: The amount varies. The budget for the 2018-2019 is $4,000.

Annual Deadline: Our budget is available year around, however, if a club or someone is looking for funding for an event, we prefer notice to the Diversity and Inclusion Chair far in advance.

Examples of projects: We've helped provide additional funding for the club of the month, in coordination with the Campus Organizations Chair. Certain Athenaeum speakers, such as Desmond Tutu's daughter, in the past have also been funded by Diversity and Inclusion Fund. In addition, we helped fund Sanskriti, a popular 5C South Asian Culture Show, in the 2016 Spring Semester.

Contact: Diversity and Inclusion Chair