Class FUnds

The fund is used to create a community in the respective classes, primarily through events that aim to decrease stress, create dialogue, and improve CMC's culture.

Requirements / Eligibility: Typically, this fund is accessable for events hosted by only the class president or their cabinet. Event ideas that benefit the entire class can still apply for funding at the discretion of the class president. The goal is to host events that build a sense of community within the grade.

Amounts: The class discretionary funds vary: Senior class: $20,000, Junior Class: $3,500, Sophomore Class: $3,500, Freshmen Class: $3,000. These budget amounts are accurate for the 2018-2019 school year but for the most current class budget, refer to the current budget which can be found here

Annual Deadline: Funds are available throughout the academic school year.

Examples of projects: Class presidents have hosted field days, ice cream sandwich parties, holiday parties, tailgates, spa de-stressor events, and class brunches using their discretionary funds. The funds will typically cover the event including food, decorations if necessary, and any event specific items.

Contact: Senior Class President, Junior Class President, Sophomore Class President, or First Year Class President