Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College

Incorporated 1976

Clubs Discretionary Fund


This fund serves as a resource for new clubs without a yearly allocation as well as established clubs with unforeseen expenses for new events or initiatives. The fund is allocated based on requests received throughout the year.

FundRequirements / Eligibility: The fund is meant for new clubs that were not able to partcipate in the previous year's budget hearings and for unexpected expenses that established clubs encounter.

Amounts: Amounts vary but typically up to $200.

Annual Deadline: Funds are available throughout the academic school year.

Examples of projects: In the fall of 2017, this fund has funded the Golf Club and Roosevelt at the 5C's to get their clubs started as they were chartered after budget allocations. During the same time period, this fund has also covered unforseen expenses from a Halloween Carnival, Sex Week (a week of event programming to educate, start conversations about the campus sex culture, and offer free STI testing for students), and multiple benefit concerts.

Contact: Campus Organization Chair at

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