Senate Fund


The purpose of this fund is to give groups of students, clubs or otherwise, the financial ability to throw events or to fund opportunities that may be just outside of their reach due to prior budget constraints. The funding is meant to be used for events or opportunities that benefits as wide an array of students at CMC as possible.

Apply for funding here.

Fund Requirements / Eligibility: Open to CMC-only and 5C Clubs. This fund tends to not fund parties or social events, particularly if they are from the other Claremont Colleges. (For those requests we recommend you take a look at the Executive Board General Fund.) After applying for funding, you are required to send a qualified representative to present your request and to answer questions before the Administrative Affairs and Appropriations (AAA) Committee. If the AAA Committee recommends your request be funded, you are then required to attend the following Senate to answer questions during your funding request vote.

Amounts: Historically anywhere between $50 and all the way up to $1,600.

Annual Deadline:  Funds are available throughout the academic school year, or until the fund runs out of money.

Examples of projects: The Senate Fund has provided funding for a wide variety of event programming such as Sex Week (put on by CMC Advocates), Sanskriti (5C South Asian Culture Show), a play by the Claremont Chinese Theatre Group. It's a fun event that is educational and benefits the entire CMC community. In a nutshell, we'd like to fund things that groups of students couldn't do otherwise and that simultaneously give back to CMC whether it be in the form of cultural celebration or education. 

Contact: The Administrative Affairs & Appropriations Committee Chair Sam Harrison at