Dormitories fund

Each dormitory president control his or her respective dorm funds. They are responsible for utilizing their fund to foster a vibrant and engaging dorm community.

FundRequirements / Eligibility: These funds are exclusively reserved for events hosted for dorm communities and will fund amounts proportional to the anticipated student attendance rate. This fund only funds events that ALL students from a given dorm can attend, not events or exurcsions for a subset of students.

Amounts: Amounts vary but typically range from $20 to $200 depending on the anticipated student attendance rate. In addition, to view your dorm's initial yearly budget allocation, find the current budget document here and look for your dorm's name as a line item.

Annual Deadline: These funds are available on a rolling yearly basis.

Examples of projects: A frequent event Dorm Presidents fund are Sunday Snacks for their respective dorms. The president or a group of students will buy pizza, In-N-Out, or other snacks for the dorm and host a Snack event on a Sunday evening. In addition, dorm presidents have used this funding to purchase discounted movie tickets from the Dean of Students Office to host a movie night at the local theater.  Presidents have also used this this funding for halloween and other holiday events that involve decorating the dorm.

Contact: Contact your dorm president for more information. If you don't know who your dorm president is, you can find out by contacting your Resident Assistant or the Dormitory Affairs Chair.