Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College

Incorporated 1976

Patrick Hennessey

Junior Class President


  • Hometown: Westwood, MA
  • Class Year: 2019 (3-2 Major)
  • Favorite spot on campus: Anywhere there's a hammock
  • CMC "Hack": Don't forget about Ath tea every weekday!


The Junior Class President has a relatively great degree of flexibility in the types of programs he/she wants to create and/or facilitate.  In general, he/she maintains communication with the class, communicates with students who are abroad, and plans events that are interesting to all types of students in the class year. A very important role for the Junior Class President is to plan Monte Carlo - this is a highly time-intensive responsibility. The main responsibilities of the Junior Class President include:  

  • Managing class communications
  • Communicating with students who are abroad
  • Planning and facilitating Monte Carlo
  • Serving on the Executive Board


Patrick's biggest goal for this term is to create more engaging and impactful programming for the Class of 2019!