Johnson Lin

Junior Class President

  • Hometown: Portland, Oregon

  • Class Year: 2021

  • Major: PPE

  • Favorite dining hall item: Collins Brunch - I get the same thing every weekend: chicken tenders, biscuits, gravy, tater tots, doused in hot sauce with a smoothie on the side. Yes I'm aware that's a lot of carbs don't @ me

  • CMC “hack”: There are SO many ways to get free food- pay attention to emails, fb posts, posters, etc. I've downgraded to 8 meal swipes a week because there's so much free food going around.



Johnson is an avid musician and has perfect pitch- he can play just about any song from the radio if you give him a piano and two tries. He is also into rock climbing and basketball, so let him know if you ever want to shoot around at Roberts. On campus, Johnson works as a Research Assistant at the Rose Institute, Resident Tech Assistant for ITS, and is also involved in APAM (Asian Pacific American Mentoring group) and CMC Advocates. He’ll be living on the third floor of Claremont Hall (for the third year in a row!), feel free to swing by his room if you ever want to hang. Johnson is excited to serve his third consecutive term as his class's president, please reach out to him if you ever have any ideas or feedback :)


The Junior Class president is responsible for planning Monte Carlo and various class events throughout the year. They also act as the liaison for the junior class and must regularly attend Executive Board and Senate hearings. They should also expect to meet frequently with the Dean of Students office. Class presidents should also maintain a class cabinet, comprised of fellow students to provide counsel and help execute events.


Some of Johnson’s goals include

  • A great Monte Carlo

  • Eliminating ticket costs for events

  • More diverse programming

  • Expanding resources and advocacy for survivors of sexual assault

  • Creating new lines of class gear