Andrew Winssinger


  • Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

  • Class Year: 2022

  • Major: Economics and Accounting

  • Favorite dining hall item: Bao Buns

  • CMC “hack”: Get involved in the school in whatever aspect you choose whether it's clubs, jobs, ASCMC, sports, or anything else



Andrew is a Sophomore from Arizona. Outside of ASCMC he is a member of the Student Investment Fund, and the Claremont Lacrosse team. He also loves basketball, skiing, and carbonated beverages.


The Comptroller is responsible for performing regular audits on clubs, discretionary funds, and dormitory spending. The Comptroller also works closely with the CFO to maintain ASCMC's finances. Additionally they are responsible for the ASCMC venmo, the collection of funds, and is a member of the budget committee.


Andrew’s main goal for the year is to make it clear to the student body how ASCMC is spending its budget and why it spends it on specific things.