Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College

Incorporated 1976

Josh guggenheim

dormitory affairs chair


  • Hometown: Mill Valley, CA
  • Class Year: 2019
  • Favorite spot on campus: Green Beach
  • CMC "Hack": When Collins has Little Italy, bring up a plate of Bacon from the salad bar to be added to your pasta!


CMC prides itself as a fun, inclusive community. Dorm life is especially important, as approximately 97% of students live in campus housing. The Dormitory Affairs Chair (DAC) exists to keep our school as social as possible by facilitating discussion between students and between students and DOS. The DAC also disseminates information from the Dean of Students Office and ASCMC to the Dorm Presidents, that he or she oversees. The DAC meets regularly with the Dorm Presidents to discuss dorm event planning and gather student input from the Dorm Presidents. The DAC oversees a discretionary fund of $7,500 in order to supplement existing dorm budgets and fund multi-dorm events. Responsibilities include:

  • Serves on Resident Life Committee
  • Meets weekly with Dorm
  • Meets with DOS
  • Facilitates Dorm Fund
  • Facilitates Dorm President Elections 


One of Josh's goals is striving to cultivate Dorm Presidents host events that strengthen the living communities on campus.