Salomé Lefort

diversity and inclusion chair


  • Hometown: Arlington, MA

  • Class Year: 2021

  • Favorite spot on campus: Kravis 3rd Floor


My name is Salome and I am from Boston, Massachusetts! Well sort of I am actually originally from France and then my mom and I immigrated all the way to snowy Massachusetts. I am undecided and looking for a major at the moment but what I do love is daydreaming about all the jobs I could have. If you ask the COO miss Caitlyn she can give a list of all the jobs I have wanted since coming to CMC (my favorite is becoming a race car driver, still banking on that one). My favorite thing to do is going to the movies and I really enjoy doing fun things (as you probably all do such as go to Haunted Houses for Halloween; one of my favorite traditions that I attend with my mother. I also love spending time with my mom, she is one of the most important people to me and we never spend a moment together without laughing. I hope this helps you get to know me but please reach to me separately, I absolutely love getting to know new people (ask my fyglets- AR3 + honorary fyglets), well that's all for me. 


The Diversity and Inclusion Chair (D&I Chair) works towards creating a more supportive climate for marginalized students including by representing under-represented groups to Exec Board and the College administration and putting on programming in coordination with other groups. 

In the 2017-2018 term, the D & I Chair spent her term building the foundation of Diversity and Inclusion within the Board and the greater CMC community. That included restructuring the D & I position with a purpose statement, mission, and core values with the input of the board committee.

The D & I Chair host events with the goal to highlight marginalized communities traditions or presence on campus. Due to D & I Chair being relatively new (2 years old), there is a lot of ground building but the position has the autonomy to bring opportunities to the College president in regards to shortcomings in how financial aid is administered and increasing the diversity of our faculty to reflect our student body.


Make sure all clubs and organizations are inclusive, that we have more representation with professors and make sure students in ASCMC will be compensated so that more under-represented students will be able to work for the organisation.