Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College

Incorporated 1976

Maya LOve


MayaASCMC copy.jpg

  • Hometown: Aurora

  • Class Year: 2020

  • Favorite spot on campus: Crown Lounge


Maya Love is a junior at Claremont Mckenna College from Colorful Colorado. She is studying International Relations with a Leadership sequence within inspirations of becoming a U.S Ambassador or U.S Senator. Currently, she is a member on the CMS Women's Varsity Basketball team and ASCMC President. She plans to continue her goals from her previous role as, Executive Vice President and Diversity & Inclusion Chair by highlighting school resources and challenging the student body to think outside themselves every day that ultimately empower others to lead. Some of the major influencers in her life have been her mother, her namesake, Maya Angelou, and her faith.


The President is the Chair of the ASCMC Executive Board (Board of Directors) and the organization's Chief Executive Officer. First and foremost, the President is the face and voice of the entire student body. The President should also be knowledgeable of the organization and leadership of CMC and ASCMC.  The duties of the President include the following: 

  • Speak at institutional events including Convocation, CMC Impact Weekend, the Trustee Retreat, and other special events

  • Communicate and meet with the College President

  • Communicate and meet with the 5C Student Body Presidents

  • Set the agenda for and facilitate weekly Board meetings

  • Respond to student communications

  • Manage Board operations, projects, and officers

  • Represent ASCMC and the student body to external stakeholders

  • Serve on the following committees:

    • Elections Committee

    • 5C Student Body President’s Council

    • Student Affairs Trustee Committee

    • Finance Trustee Committee

    • Athenaeum Advisory Committee


I want to push the idea of how finding our empowerment both empower others but also allows us to appreciate and understand each other. I believe this comes about through taking a risk of being open One goal is to develop leadership development material within ASCMC and hopefully to the rest of the student body, that will allow us to find a way to empower others while simultaneously respecting their growth in a space of vulnerability. Another is to continue the longevity of ASCMC and how it can better support the growing demands from our clubs and student leaders here on campus. Lastly, I want to highlight the great projects/clubs that our students are involved in!