Dina Rosin


  • Hometown: Bernardsville, New Jersey

  • Class Year: 2020

  • Major: Philosophy and Public Affairs

  • Favorite dining hall item: I love poké bowls, especially from Pitzer!

  • CMC “hack”: Go to office hours!!! This is a great opportunity not only to review for your class, but to get to know your professors! My professors have not only been incredible teachers, but resources, role models, and friends.



Dina is a Senior at CMC, originally from Bernardsville, New Jersey, and she is majoring in Philosophy and Public Affairs with a sequence in Human Rights Studies. Dina is very passionate about the power of community organizing and advocacy leading to social change, which informs her work both inside and outside ASCMC. On campus, you'll probably be able to find Dina doing homework in the Gould Center or Poppa, splashing around the fountains, or reading on Parents Field. Dina’s absolute favorite part of CMC is the people, so she loves getting meals with everyone! Please say hi!!!


The President serves as the elected student body president of Claremont McKenna College, and the CEO of the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Thus, the President is responsible for ensuring that CMC is effectively acting as a student government by creating a more inclusive campus through funding clubs and organizations, events, programming, project-based initiatives, and student advocacy; Dina is additionally responsible for securing the long-term success of ASCMC as a non-profit, both through organizational management and financial stability. The President chairs the Executive Board and the Budget Committee, represents the student body to college administrators and the Board of Trustees, and directly oversees numerous ASCMC officers.


Dina is excited about building the capacity for ASCMC to act as a student advocacy organization, and working to make sure ASCMC is functioning in a way that is sustainable in the long-term.