Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College

Incorporated 1976

Sami malas



  • Hometown: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Class Year: 2019
  • Favorite spot on campus: The Motley
  • CMC "Hack": Some sides in the hub cost extra flex, however if you really want to splurge on curly fries or another premium side you might as well also get the free side like chips, fruit or regular fries.


The President is the Chair of the ASCMC Executive Board (Board of Directors) and the organization's Chief Executive Officer. First and foremost, the President is the face and voice of the entire student body. The President should also be knowledgeable of the organization and leadership of CMC and ASCMC.  The duties of the President include the following: 

  • Speak at institutional events including Convocation, CMC Impact Weekend, the Trustee Retreat, and other special events 
  • Communicate and meet with the College President
  • Communicate and meet with the 5C Student Body Presidents 
  • Set the agenda for and facilitate weekly Board meetings 
  • Respond to student communications 
  • Manage Board operations, projects, and officers 
  • Represent ASCMC and the student body to external stakeholders 
  • Serve on the following  committees:
    • Elections Committee
    • 5C Student Body President’s Council 
    • Student Affairs Trustee Committee 
    • Finance Trustee Committee
    • Athenaeum Advisory Committee


A few initiatives that I have worked on include building stronger relationships between students and DOS as well as between campus organizations and ASCMC. I've also demanded more from all positions on board such as the Class Presidents, who have expanded their responsibilities to include a service initiative that will come to fruition this Spring. I've also worked on expanding student resources including offering a subscription to the NYT for all students.