1 Gen

The purpose of our organization is to support first generation students by fostering community and promoting academic and professional success throughout their college experience. These students, whose parent(s) have not attained a four year college degree, in some cases are entering into college with limited knowledge about the culture and traditions of college life and academia. 1Gen is dedicated to act as a support group and resource for first generation students to help them prosper during their time at CMC and beyond. 


Requirements for Membership

Students must identify as first-generation college students (students whose parent(s) did not attend a 4 year university in the United States). Our organization will use an opt-in method and maintain an open membership policy. Students will be recruited, but not limited to, by information sessions, promotion tables, social media marketing, and word of mouth.

Members will also be opt-in to a “first-generation college student” tag on Claremont McKenna College’s official alumni database.


  • Hanna Shiferaw '20 (President)

    • hshiferaw20@cmc.edu

    • 206-504-6549

  • Monica Lopez '20 (Vice President)

    • mlopez20@cmc.edu

    • 714-675-8946

  • Eda Garcia '21(Director of Marketing)

    • egarcia21@cmc.edu

    • 713-870-6784

  • Arely Balderas '21(Director of Mentoring)

    • abalderas21@cmc.edu

    • 832-370-6683

  • Sarah Ceja '21 (Director of Mentoring)

    • sceja21@cmc.edu

    • 310-981-6239

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