Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College

Incorporated 1976

Outdoor Initiative

The Outdoor Initiative (OI) is a group of students who love to be outside. Membership consists of leaders who take all sorts of trips from three-day backpacking trips to sunrise hikes to J-Tree rock climbing. All are open to the entire student body. We have trips going out almost every weekend, so there's always somewhere to go.

If you're interested in becoming a leader, applications open at the beginning of each semester and will be sent out via email or can be found on our website. If you wanna come on a trip or watch a sweet outdoorsy film or sign up for a workshop, get on our email list! 

Requirements for Membership

Official members are OI Leaders, who are students that have demonstrated leadership and outdoor experience. They receive Red Cross WFA certification.


Chief Executive Officer: Brian Chmelik

Chief Education officer: Henry Head

Contact: or

For more information, visit