¡Mi Gente!


¡Mi Gente! strives to create a welcoming and inclusive community for all students who identify as Latinx at CMC by providing a space for Latinx students to discuss identity and issues facing our community. ¡Mi Gente! promotes the empowerment of Latinx students within our community through the celebration and awareness of Latinx culture on CMC’s campus. Join us for fun events to celebrate our Latinx culture and heritage!

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Though our club has only existed for a short time, we are proud to have accomplished the following:

  • In our first meeting, we helped to connect nearly 40 Latinx students through ice breakers and introduction activities
  • We facilitated a discussion about the multiplicities of Latinx identity, prompting our members with questions about their values and how they look at themselves and define their identities in today’s society
  • We organized a salsa dance lesson for nearly 30 students
  • We joined with BSA, CMCers of Color, SAGA, APAM, and GenU for a night of affinity group bonding through Lasertag
  • We will be taking a group of members to the Selena Fan Gathering in Downtown LA on April 16th for music, food, and a celebration of the short and wonderful life of Mexican-American pop-singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez. 


Co-President: Gonzalo Secaira
Co-President: Larissa Petola

Contact : gsecaira19@cmc.edu or lpeltola18@cmc.edu

Contact abaur17@cmc.edu for more information!