Asian Pacific American Mentors 


The Asian Pacific American Mentoring Program (APAM) is a CMC organization that mentors first-year and transfer students who self-identify as Asian, Pacific Islander, Asian American, multi-ethnic, and/or multiracial (AAPI). Through continual mentorship, workshops, and community events, APAM strives to create a welcoming and inclusive AAPI community at CMC where everyone feels comfortable and empowered to engage in discussions about AAPI narratives and issues within historical, social, and personal contexts.

APAM hosts many events and programs throughout the year. During each semester, APAM leads a retreat that gives students the opportunity to get off-campus, meet new people, and explore their identities. Mentees are also placed in small groups composed of other mentees and upper-class mentors. These small groups meet on a regular basis to go on outings, receive academic and personal advice, and more; specific activities are decided by each group. Some small groups take trips to Little Saigon, Little Tokyo, the beach, and Asian restaurants around the area! Monthly APAM events are another chance for all mentees and mentors to gather and interact with each other. The events change each year, but past monthly events have included Game Night, Spa Night, Karaoke, and Scavenger Hunts!


  • Surpassed 100 mentees this year, the first time in APAM’s history.

  • Hosted an In-N-Out social at the beginning of the year to introduce new mentees to the mentors.

  • Had 10 small groups, consisting of about 3 mentors and 10 mentees each.

  • Went to Big Bear for a fall mentor/mentee retreat to bond and discuss AAPI issues with about 80 attendees.

  • Attended the Kravis Leadership Institute (KLI) Leadership Retreat to reinforce APAM’s mission and strengthen our organization.

  • Attended the 2016 East Coast Asian American Student Union Conference in New Jersey for the first time, which empowered students to engage in Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) issues on and off campus.

  • Hosted monthly events open to the CMC AAPI community.

  • Work with other 5C API mentoring groups to build the 5C community and provide APAM members with opportunities to create relationships with others who self-identify as AAPI at the other Claremont colleges.

  • Work with other identity-based groups to build community.


  • Continue having small groups of about 2-3 mentors and 10 mentees within APAM.

  • Continue to build the CMC and the 5C AAPI community with regular events and accomplishments similar to this past year (monthly events, semester retreats, etc.).

  • Take a trip to an Asian American history museum.

  • Host a wellness workshop.

  • Have more activities in collaboration with other 5C AAPI groups and resource centers.

M E M B E R S H I P 

Mentors must apply on an annual basis. Mentees need only be first year or transfer students and may enroll on a continual basis through both semesters.

L E A DE R S H I P : 

Head Mentors: Kandace Fung & Michelle Cao

Contact: and

APAM Mentorship Training 2015

APAM Mentorship Training 2015

APAM Retreat (Big Bear) 2015

APAM Retreat (Big Bear) 2015

Weekly APAM-wide dinner 2018

Weekly APAM-wide dinner 2018