Claremont Women in Business (CWIB)

Our mission is to connect and empower career-driven women through a community of collaboration, mentorship, and development. With this mission, we envision that future generations of women will receive equal learning, career, and personal development opportunities.

Claremont Women in Business (CWIB) was founded in April 2016. CWIB was created under the recognition that women have and continue to face challenges gaining equal treatment and opportunities in their professional pursuits. Beginning as group of 14 CMC students with 2 events per semester, CWIB has expanded and today operates with over 60 student members across 4 divisions and 3 major long-term initiatives. Since founding, CWIB has partnered with Goldman Sachs, FTI Consulting, Accenture, Parthenon-EY, Soll Center for Student Opportunity, the Center of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and many other firms and on-campus organizations to bring dozens of info sessions, workshops, and job opportunities to students on campus.

CWIB's Executive Board

CWIB's Executive Board


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