The CMC Forum

The CMC Forum was founded by ASCMC to provide affiliates of the College a medium for exchange of ideas. Over the years, the online paper has become a reliable source of news and procrastination-friendly content regarding the Claremont community. The publication strives to continually foster open, respectful dialogue on campus through its support of quality student journalism and opinion-based pieces. 

Requirements for Membership

Members are hired by the Forum annually and throughout the year as needed. A person shall be considered a member of The Forum’s staff in good standing if he or she has published content on The Forum or has communicated with Forum staff that he or she intends to do so. Members will be considered staff until such time that they have graduated, or expressly notified the Editorial Staff of their intentions to no longer be considered a Forum staff member. 



Editor-In-Chief: Christina Yoh
Managing Editor: Eric Millman

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